FBI: 853,838 Marijuana-Related Arrests, 52% of All US Arrests

Yes, you read that right. Nearly one million people in one year’s time were arrested for marijuana-related crimes in 2010. This accounts for roughly 52% of all arrests in the United States. That’s 100 pot arrests per hour, nationwide.

Are you shitting me? More than half of all US arrests are for possession of Marijuana! This data tells me a few things. First, it goes to show how popular marijuana has become. If 1 million people are getting arrested for it, you just know that there are millions upon millions more who haven’t been apprehended (myself included). This graph, courtesy of NORML, illustrates the increase in marijuana arrests over the years.

The graph not only shows an increase in marijuana use, but it also strongly suggests that law enforcement is cracking down on “offenders.” The amount of fines, summons, and jail time that law enforcement has doled out to marijuana users is, ironically, criminal. If law enforcement were truly winning the war on drugs, wouldn’t they expect to see a decline in the crime rate for marijuana-related offenses? (Take the murder rate for example: fewer arrests = fewer murders, right?)

The fact that marijuana arrests are steadily increasing over time is a clear-cut indicator that the war on cannabis has been a complete and utter failure. Research has begun to disprove ridiculous government propaganda claiming that marijuana is unsafe. As social (and in some states, legal) support for marijuana grows, law enforcement increasingly finds itself being backed into a corner. At some point, they will be forced to loosen their reigns on cannabis-related crimes. We must do our job as activists and get the word out. It is only through education and persistence that reform can be achieved.



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One Response to FBI: 853,838 Marijuana-Related Arrests, 52% of All US Arrests

  1. HLNet says:

    I do my job as an activist and burn the shit. Everywhere. All the time. The nuances of the “cannabis question” are somewhat intricate, but at the end of the day the reality is simple: control. It boils down to nothing more. Graphs and figures follow standard procedure, and enable dialogue along “socially acceptable” lines. At the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of doing it. Think Nike. Everyone who finds a seed in their bag needs to grow it out. Everyone. Everyone needs to hold, everyone needs to burn. Everywhere.

    Yes, this approach may seem oversimplified, crass, immature. You know what? Fuck ’em. Stats and figures become nauseating — not as content — but simply as futility. Granted, we certainly need the scientific foundation to build upon given the current milieu. But that these coc–gentlemen can sleep at night knowing that they are depriving millions of people of potential cures to the most malignant of degenerative diseases (something, which by the way, established medicine is too pernicious to admit it really knows absolutely nothing about — hey, the business of softkills is big money). The discussion can continue along multiple lines, but the bottom line is that the situation is sick.

    Big business, pulling big government’s strings, can’t afford to lose this issue to states rights. The medical community can’t afford it. The justice system can’t afford it (how many bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches would be out of a job if we eliminated 52%+ of the current offender/prison population). This isn’t about “justice.” This isn’t about “citizens.” This isn’t about you, or me. It’s about big money and whiffs from the brandy snifter.

    That’s why I’m about keeping it stinky. Everywhere. All the time. To the point that you catch a contact just being in my presence.

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